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The Cool Zone Kids’ Guide to the Economy is an effort to turn the 80/20 rule on its head: 80% of my tweets should probably have been aborted, irrespective of trimester, and 20% of them should definitely be minted on a commemorative, platinum coin.

This is a place for friends.

This is a place to get deep inside my mind and really understanding how I am thinking about economic theory, policy and what it means to find joy in the same world in which Ted Wheeler gets to be mayor of a medium-sized West-Coast city.

No. Just show me the tweets.

I don’t agree with your choice, but I will defend your right to do as you please with my very life: Follow me @drmitchpdx

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The second law of the poster's dialectic is the transformation of quantity into a quality substack


Mitch Green

Heterodox economist living in Portland, OR. UMKC PhD outside of academia. Posts are mostly about political economy.